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WhosRepresented.com is purposefully simple and meant to always be open in your browser for quick access to its pertinent information, as it will save you TIME & ENERGY. It is the Commercial Real Estate industry's fastest and most efficient way to identify WHO REPRESENTS, and WHO IS REPRESENTED BY, specific Brokers and Agents. OR, quickly figure out if a specific Retailer or Major Brand simply handles real estate matters internally...and who the direct point of contact is.

Designed to help protect and highlight Tenant Rep Brokers' exclusive relationships, as well as streamline the Agency Rep vocation of contacting qualified, credit tenants to fill represented spaces, WhosRepresented.com seeks to streamline your path to quicker deals and commissions.

Retailers, Brokers, Major Brands, and Agents consistently supply WhosRepresented.com with its content; e.g. exclusive relationships, personal details, etc to enable the world to know who customers and clients are, or, if real estate matters are handled internally, how to quickly and easily contact appropriate representatives with potential opportunities. Furthermore, WhosRepresented.com cross-checks, verifies, and populates additional publicly available information to be the most up-to-date and efficient source of information for Retailers, Major Brands, Brokers, and Agents alike.

Additionally, WhosRepresented.com enables its users to easily keep current with the Industry's news and events via THE NEWS FUNNEL.

Designed and created by Real Estate Professionals, for Real Estate Professionals -- to maximize one another's time and chances for successful deal making.

WELCOME to the future of commercial brokerage.